Don’t hide your canes away

The longer you require assistive mobility devices, the more of them you acquire. Or at least that’s my experience! Inevitably you find better options as you start to better know your own needs (turns out handle shape matters!), or find that different types of aides work better in different situations. I started out with a hand-me-down wooden hook-shape cane that had sentimental value, but wasn’t really the right size for me, and ultimately transitioned to metal canes with off-set padded handles. Then I acquired a fold-up cane for travel. Then I went a bit off the deep end and started buying different canes for different outfits and moods.


Nova Offset Aluminum Cane (Leopard)

Honestly I have no shame about this, because I’m a big believer in loving your assistive devices – if they make you happy, you’ll use them. Not only do I not feel shame or embarrassment when I’m out with my animal-print cane – I get compliments for it.

When it came to storing my canes, I used to just prop them in a corner of my closet. This wasn’t terribly effective, because they had a habit of falling over or getting tangled in coats. I had wanted an umbrella stand or cane stand to store them for a while, but it took a long time before I found one that suited my needs (and aesthetic). Then recently I discovered Torre + Tagus‘ line of quirky and modern umbrella stands:


I love their quirkiness. They’re modern and have a good weight to them, and remind me of oversized chess pieces. They suit my decor taste, which I wouldn’t say is childish, but has some youthful and unexpected elements and humour. I also wanted a stand that was monochromatic, that would really highlight the multi-coloured canes – so this is perfect!

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